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Standard RevJet System Terms

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018 09:52AM PST
UI notifications to a specific set of Users when customized thresholds are met. For example, if a system default ad is being served, an alert will be sent to system administrators to make them aware. Custom alerts can be created in the Reporting UI.

Non-user who does not have a login, but has limited access to some system UI’s such as Approval or Preview Center.

Creatives added to Account Setup that will serve if nothing else is eligible for traffic. 

A specific search screen that is characterized by a two panel layout. Each type of entity, such as Creatives or Test Groups or Assets, has an explorer screen connected with it that allows users to search and locate any specific entity from a large grid and tailored filters. All explorers allow you to access the searchable entities in some way based on what entity is being opened. Some screens use tabs within the browser tab the user is currently in, some open in a new popup and others will open a new browser tab.

Keywords can be added to any entity in the system. It can be used as an organizational or reporting property.

Adding a Category to a Keyword allows for additional organization or reporting capabilities. Keywords do not require a category.

Generic system thresholds sent to notify specific users of updates to an entity. For example, if a user gets a Task assigned to them, they will get a notification.

A trafficking entity. The Scope control combines your company’s account setup into a single dropdown that will connect incoming media to Audiences and Optimization Groups (Advertiser Group, Advertiser, Product, and Campaign). It is encouraged to setup all media to be trafficked to the lowest possible scope level to ensure it will not be split accidentally if a lower level is added in the future.

A group of users that serve a similar function usually based on a workflow standpoint. 

A person who has access to the RevJet Platform account.

This is also seen as “Portal Role” in the User Management section. Users in your RevJet account will be broken up into “Standard User”, which has all basic access, “Administrator”, which has admin capabilities including updating Account Setup, User Management and Workflow Processes, and “Revjet Employee”, which is exclusively for account assistance from RevJet or NextRev.

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